Make money online! Push button cash. Millions will see your offer. Finally, a way for the ‘little guy’ to make money. Get subscribers on automatic pilot. Baloney. None of those headlines are true. I call BS. I’ve been doing this on my own for about four years and – let me tell you – it can be very, very hard to make money online.

My wife and I have been watching old episodes of the groundbreaking show, “Miami Vice.” Sonny Crockett had some fantastic cars. Sonny’s cars are only surpassed by some (allegedly) owned by modern internet marketers. Not to mention the exotic mansions owned by some of those same people.

Would you be surprised to know that the photos and videos posted on many internet marketing websites are simply fake? Often, it’s just a made up world. Made up to take your hard-earned cash.

So, who am I, anyway?

I’m a retired professional who became sidelined from the full-time workforce by age and illness. I’ve always been very competent with computers and am now in a place where I want to make some extra moolah to start getting ahead even more. Can you relate?

Starting the make money online effort.

I’m ready and excited to seriously get started. I’ll let you in on what I’m doing and what kind of results are generated.

More To Come Soon! Stay Tuned.
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