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To: The Owner of a Small Manufacturing Enterprise

From: Edgar Allen

Do you want to increase your sales and revenues, but are struggling because you really don't exactly know how to go about it? Just like you can manufacture your finished goods, you can manufacture more money, too. Maybe you just haven't heard how to do it it from a manufacturing person who can also sell? Sometimes,

does it feel easier to just bury your head in production, even though you know you need more sales to grow?

Or perhaps you’ve been stymied by not knowing how to contact and get in front of the most appropriate customers —- or you don’t know where to start?

If so, I understand . . .I get it. If you're a standard small to medium manufacturing operator, you got into your current business because you like to make things. Create something beautiful out of nothing. You didn't start your own business to turn yourself into a salesperson. 

My name is Edgar Allen. Although I'm experienced in the business of sales activity for SMEs, that wasn't always the case. 

I'd been a superstar performer in other industries, but the world in which you live and work is somewhat unique. 

Small Manufacturing Enterprises have their own, specific challenges. 

Maybe you've discovered that, unfortunately, you've really got to engage in some sales-type behaviors to grow your business. And, perhaps, your sales are not growing as much as you like - or need.

I've done really well as a salesperson, a sales manager and a sales trainer. One day I was asked to head up the sales organization for the local (then) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) in Florida. What they desperately needed was more project work with manufacturers. The MEP system was funded in each state by NIST through a matching grant. The MEP organization needed two thing to survive as a functioning entity: A certain number of projects each quarter completed for small to medium manufacturers. The second thing was the projects had to have led to a minimum levels of positive financial impacts for the MEP clients. We meet and exceeded those bars in Florida.

I was then appointed as the Director of the Arizona MEP. That MEP was dying on the vine. Few projects were in the works and even fewer positive financial impacts had been reported. My first act was to organize a sales workshop for Arizona SMEs to jump-start their businesses and ours.

That 1/2 day clinic for 15 SMEs resulted in some notable positive financial impacts.

The national underwriter for the Arizona MEP (US Dept of Commerce/NIST) surveyed those clients about 14 months after the program.

That handful of small to medium size manufacturers who attended reported almost $600,000 of additional or retained sales as a result of the program. Since our sales program also presented some lean concepts as examples, the group also reported a total of $211,000 in bottom line 

I'm not promising any kind of guaranteed result for you. I do feel very comfortable saying that this program - based on past quantifiable results reported to the federal government - will give you a very positive return.

Now that I am seeing the current business climate for small manufacturers (what a bunch of challenges), I want to help as many companies as I can to generate more revenue. 

I'm setting up this newly-polished sales program as a remote, "live" workshop. You won't have to travel or set aside a big block of time. You can sit at your work desk or at home and still get all the training. You'll be part of a group attending 4 one-hour workshop presentations over a one month period (one each week). You'll be on "live" with me for those 4 workshop presentations. If you miss one, you'll get a full recording of the workshop to review.

Some of the important points will also be presented to you via a recorded video presentation which you'll be able to review at your convenience.

In addition, I’m including your access to a private Facebook group, email, and live Q&A every other week. We will call that office hours or hot seat.

Now, here’s what you’ll really dig deep on when you work with me:

PLUS we’ll work step by step through these topics:
List, list, list
bullets, bullets, bullets
Now, I know that’s alot, but when you work with me (tell story)
The bottom line is I am going to show you a road map that is easy to follow.
tell more story
What’s this worth?
Perhaps as you are reading this, you are realizing that with the right help you CAN — whatever
you teach . . .
What would that mean for you?
How would your life be different if you finally released your life’s work, your amazing ——?
What would that mean for your family?
How would that feel for you?
If you are like most of my clients, my guess is that it would be amazing – truly, genuinely life
Now, here’s the thing, I personally charge $300 an hour for my —what you do , and if you were
to work with me 1-1 to accomplish everything we’ll do in this program, it would be about 50
hours of work . . . so that would be about $15,000 and worth every penny!
And my guess is that if you —- did what you teach ——within the next few months, it would be
worth even more than $15,000 to be able to do that!
However, I want to make this a no-brainer
It’s going to be small group coaching, but over the course of the program, you’ll get access to
over 50 of me . . .yours truly, your name . . .
A genuine $15,000 value, both in my time and your value in launching your movie . . 2/3
But to make this a no-brainer so you can finally get started NOW without taking a mortgage or
pleading with your wife, the first 10 clients to enroll will only invest $1000 to work with me over
the next year and totally—-do what you teach!
(payment button here)
I want to see your —what you teach done!
your name
P.S. Perhaps you are thinking, will this really work for ME?
And if so . . .I get it . . .
and so I’m 100% guaranteeing this for a full 60 days – if you aren’t amazed at your launch
progress within the first 60 days, just ask and I’ll refund every penny –
The bottom line is this: my process WORKS and I want you to see that . . but if it doesn’t
change your life and —–do what you teach, I can’t sleep at night if I keep your money . . .
Seriously, give this a try:
(payment link here)
At this point, I normally copy and paste the bullet points and the format of the class and write
something like this:
here’s a review of what we are going to do together in the next few months:
(copy bullets, structure, and close)
your name

“Announcing My Brand New Personal Mentorship” 

Warning: Less than 1% ever make any money online. Are you in that 1%, or in the 99+% who are failing?
Read this letter – I will show you a better way!Note: if you don’t have testimonials, get a few subscribers to tell you what they like best about you.Note: all areas marked in red like this need to be editted before you upload it !!From: Your Name, Internet MarketerTo: You IF you are tired of watching others make big bucks on linewhile you make little or NOTHINGAre you frustrated because you aren’t having the success you have dreamed about online?

Is one of the things that is holding you back online the fact that you know some of the parts of what to do, but for some reason when you try to do things, they don’t all fit together, or work the way they are supposed to?

Are you frustrated because you have been working really hard to make money online, and working long hours, but don’t have much to show for it?

Are you frustrated because every time you buy another training that promises some new “secret” that it is really just some teaching with a new angle to it – but nothing really new?

Have you tried system and system, program after program, and they all end up the same way – without making you the money you know you deserve?

Are you tired of buying product after product, learning one new technique, only to find that you need “just one more” to have success?

Does it anger you that there are folks online selling 3 click-riches programs that just flat-out don’t work?

Are you frustrated with trying tactic after tactic and technique after technique only to not make the kind of money you’ve been dreaming about? Are you living the financial life you desire?If not, let me ask you this: why not?You are online, searching.You have likely bought products or trainings that have not gotten you the results that you want. Was it something like this: a fancy, hyped up sales letter promised you that in just a few days, you would know all the secrets you needed to make all the money you ever wanted? Yeah, I know the page.And it’s not your fault. I’ve bought trash like that. So have many thousands or millions of others. In fact, did you know there are people online who make a living just selling products to people who will never get results?That’s right. And many times those products are empty – not literally, but in their meaning. Because you can study 10 hours of training, watch videos, read tutorials – but you know how it is, you get to something you don’t “get” and you get stuck. You literally CANNOT implement what is taught unless you ask a question. But you hit reply to the email you got from the seller and no one responds. Or they tell you to submit a support ticket to some firm in India. (Nothing against India, but hey, can someone making $2 an hour in India really tell YOU how to make $100k here???)Here’s the thing, there are some specific steps that must occur in order to make money online. And if all of those elements aren’t in place, you probably aren’t going to make any money. Period.You see, building an online business is much like building an offline business. For example, if you were to open a sandwich shop, what would you need?You would need:A location (preferably one where there is a lot of traffic out front during lunchtime)A good sandwich recipe.A toaster oven.A cold case.A refrigerator.A cash register.A few employees.A method of telling people you are open (advertising, signage, etc.)If any one of those elements are missing, you aren’t going to be making money.If your sandwiches are no good, no one’s coming back.If you don’t have a cash register and a person to take the payments, you won’t have money coming in.If you don’t have a location or advertising, no one is coming in to buy sandwiches.And it’s the same online.You need:A location (a website)Something to sell that people want to buy.A delivery mechanism for delivering that something (either postal system if selling a physical item, a digital download system if selling information)A selling mechanism (meaning a way to tell other people that you have something of value that is convincing enough for people to pay you)A way to take money (merchant account, shopping cart, etc.)If any of these is missing, you aren’t going to be making any money.If you are trying to sell something no one wants, you aren’t going to make sales. And unfortunately, I see too many people come into online marketing with an idea that is really cool – but no one wants to buy it. And they spend their time trying and trying to talk people into it, but still no one buys. Why not just find something to sell or teach that others really want to buy????If you don’t have a website so people can find your product, if you don’t have a way to deliver it, if you don’t have all those pieces in place, you just aren’t going to be making money online.So what about you?What piece is missing for you?Are you in the wrong niche?Are you selling something no one wants?Or maybe you have something everyone wants, but you are doing a really lousy job of telling them about it. Maybe you have a lousy sales page. Maybe when someone joins your list, your email campaign is really lousy. Maybe your emails turn people off instead of turning people into buyers.So what is it?What is holding you back from the online success that you want?The truth of the matter is this: you can blame the bad products you bought.You can blame the bad training you have received.But the fact remains – if that training didn’t teach you each of the components I just shared with you, then of 

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