The "New Day" Collection is designed to recognize and celebrate the fact that we all have been given another day of living. The vibrant images and textual accents are all intended to convey that today is a new day; new possibilities, new opportunities and a chance to put yesterday behind us.

When you order a "collection," you receive a complete set of images in two files: one includes high quality PNG files for your use in many different ways. You also receive a separate file with high quality PDF files designed to be printed (default printed image size is 5" X 7"). PDF prints will look superb on either matte or glossy paper. (Total of 20 images.)

Now Presenting...The "New Day" Collection

You'll Receive This Complete Collection (20 Total Images) For US$9.97.

As stated above, your order will include 1 copy of each graphic in image format for various uses and 1 copy of each graphic in a high quality PDF format suitable for printing and framing. So you will receive a total of 20 individual files for your collection.

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