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Make money online! Push button cash. Millions will see your offer. Finally, a way for the 'little guy' to make money. Get subscribers on automatic pilot. Baloney. None of those headlines are true. I call BS. I've been doing this on my own for about four years and - let me tell you - it can be very, very hard to make money online.

My wife and I have been watching old episodes of the groundbreaking show, "Miami Vice." Sonny Crockett had some fantastic cars. Sonny's cars are only surpassed by some (allegedly) owned by modern internet marketers. Not to mention the exotic mansions owned by some of those same people.

Would you be surprised to know that the photos and videos posted on many internet marketing websites are simply fake? Often, it's just a made up world. Made up to take your hard-earned cash. Whenever I see a video with a marketer rolling up in his or her Bentley and parking in front of a mansion, I want to run the other way - fast.

So, who am I, anyway?

I'm a retired professional who became sidelined from the full-time workforce by age and illness. I've always been very competent with computers and am now in a place where I want to make some extra moolah to start getting ahead even more. Can you relate?

July 8, 2019: Picking a path.

I'm ready and excited to seriously get started. I'll let you in on what I'm doing and what kind of results are generated. 

I've come to a few conclusions. The first is that I truly believe that I already know how to "do" internet marketing and already own (or have access to) all the tools I need to make a go of this. I don't need any new "bright, shiny objects." I've already purchased probably hundreds of WSOs and other offers and I'm done with that.

Here are just some of the resources I have at my disposal:

  • A WordPress site "live" on the 'net that I own (you're on it!).
  • The rights to use Thrive Architect on this site and others. (It's a wonderful tool).
  • Tons of personal knowledge/experience in the fields of -
    • Manufacturing, 
    • B2B sales - all aspects,
    • Digital marketing,
    • Website design,
    • Copywriting,
    • Email marketing and list management,
    • And personnel management, just to name a few.
  • An autoresponder program locked, loaded and all pad for to schedule all my follow-up messages.
  • Many digital assets to which I own resell rights, master resale rights or private label rights.

But, the first thing I have to do is work on cleaning up my main site: Here's a few examples showing work to be done:

This is one example - the legal section of my website.

The three pages listed here are excellent pages. However, there are quite a few pages that need to be added that will cover many other areas of operation; like a page showing my policy and operational rules for affiliate sales. The site also needs a page for my "Earnings Disclaimer," "FTC statement," "External Links Policy," among others. Lot of work here.

The "Employee Value Ladder" is an entire page that needs to have a finished design.

First, there's no header image (I thought I had placed one there already). You can't see it here, but the title on the page - in red - is not equally spaced side to side.

The worst possible failure is the lack of proper design and structure to, essentially, sell this post.

My plan is to showcase the elements of this feature page and then promote the full article as a training piece for, maybe, 2 dollars? We'll see.

I'm also in the final stages of finishing a new product; an ebook. Don't know yet whether I'll promote it as a one-off or use it to anchor a fixed-term-membership (FTM). It's a very strong piece that started out as PLR. The graphics have been redesigned and some minor edits made to the content; also cleaned up the overall look and feel of the piece. The final purpose is yet to be determined.

July 23, 2019: OK. I was wrong.

I went ahead and did buy something else.  I know I said I wouldn't and I have a great rationalization for it (which I'm not even going to try to explain to anyone else - here or anywhere else.). It's called "Covert Commissions." The basic idea is it gives me the ability to give a fully functioning, hosted marketing solution to anyone to build their marketing email list. The system handles the email follow up, offers different solutions in those emails, and pay a commission to the operator of the system you!) if anybody actually purchases anything. All hands off. 

Tell the truth - doesn't that system to the left look absolutely cool and effective?

The other benefit of the program is that a recipient (you?) can go ahead and give the program away to other people! 

Kinda mind blowing, right? It seems to me that what keeps it going is that somebody - who will be nurtured by the follow up email sequence - will eventually buy something. I mean some of the products & services in this program are just too good to pass up.

Meanwhile, I might give some thought to starting up a local chapter of Bright Shiny Objects Anonymous.

So, another opportunity to impact anybody who wants to improve their station in life (mega-niche: Self-Improvement) can take advantage of a new product I'm just about ready to launch titled, "The Driving Force Within You."

This was originally a PLR product that has been reworked quite a bit. The layout has been reorganized and additional editorial material has been added. All the artwork (above) has been totally redesigned using 100% free resources. I'm also adding some video segments to boost the perceived and actual value of the training.

I'm going to devise a way to capture the buyers' emails and add more value with a 30 day, content-only follow up sequence. Might also add in two coupons for individual, direct email questions to me for personal answers. 

My goal will be to sell 100 copies of this program @ $17.00 each.

In other news, I have added in an additional legal page and will take the "Employee Value Ladder" piece offline for now and will reconstitute it as a separate stand-alone product.  Stay tuned. Someday, I might actually sell something.

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