Please be sure to watch the short video below - you'll be able to preview (in one minute) all 10 designs in this collection.

Imaginings TM are my collections of various graphic art pieces that you can use in many different forms. These art pieces combine images and words that matter which are matched together to form a distinct artful message (which you can print at home as many times and in as many different sizes as you want). These graphics from an online store like this one are normally referred to as "printables."

For example, in this collection, your order would include one of each of the designs that are sized to be printed on standard postcard stock. However, you may resize these high-quality images to meet other needs, such as: 

  • Printing images on label stock to place on packages;
  • Printing your images on regular paper, cut them out individually, and place in a child's lunchbox;
  • Print on regular paper, cut out individually and place them upside down to make a game;
  • Print out the images - smaller size - on labels and place on your regular Christmas card envelopes.
  • Send individual images to your child's teachers;

With this "Colorado Christmas" Collection, you will receive two complete files to download (in ZIP format).

One file to download includes  - 10 images - in a PNG (high-quality) graphic file. These are the ones you may resize to virtually any size you desire, although the default design size 5.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches high. As originally designed, these should print perfectly on standard postcard stock such as Avery #5689 (50 sheets/4up/200 post cards total). However, you may resize these images to any size you want.

The second file will consist of an additional copy of the images (all 10, again) of the graphic artwork in PDF/high quality files in a standard letter configuration of 11 inches by 8-1/2 inches to be printed in landscape style.

The second file would be used for any image you would want to print out - full size - and place in a frame for decoration on a wall or on a piece of furniture.

All of the design elements (printables/files) are included for just $9.97.


All of the design elements (printables/files) are included for just $9.97.

Please make a note of my customer service email:

Notice: With your purchase, you are granted a personal use license only. Resale of these images protected by U.S. copyright law is strictly prohibited.

One of the reasons I can offer these custom designed pieces for such a reasonable price is because so many super-talented photographic artists allow the use of their creative efforts for no cost. These artists appreciate links to their works which can help them get more recognition (and maybe clicks to their own art pages). So to offer my thanks to these extremely gifted professionals, I've shown their work below with a direct link back to their creations.  

Image by 1437359 from Pixabay 

Credit: National Park Service

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay 

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Image by Fritz Clever from Pixabay 

US Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan/Released

Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay 

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

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