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It can happen in an instant!

The odds are astronomical - you probably will never face a lethal attack while firing someone. But, it can happen in an instant!

Even in my relatively tame workplaces, I've personally brushed up against this lethal possibility more than once. So I learned to take precautions.

Would you be surprised to know that most lethal responses to firing are mainly dictated (created!) by the firing organization? 

Don't be blindsided.

  • What kind of actions can actually generate backlash?
  • What can you do to mitigate bad circumstances?
  • How can you avoid the "surprise" factor in any termination?
  • Can you productively onboard an employee by acting as a hall monitor?
  • How often should you have "corrections" meetings with employee?
  • Should you be looking for red flags?
  • How can a full, rigorous background check help you manage a new employee?

Get the answers to these critical questions and more in "How To Fire Someone And Not Get Killed."

From my manuel...

"Terminating an employee is probably (emotionally) the closest thing to actually killing someone without the jail time. It can be incredibly destructive for all parties. With normal people, it takes an emotional toll on the supervisor and the employee, right?"

* * *

"Even the best termination events cause ripples throughout the normally calm waters of a normal workday. The smaller the ripples, the more productive the remaining workers will be. Large ripples disrupt the normal operation of the business and can have a lasting effect on productivity. 

* * *

You don't have to take a course in psychology to get this right. But there are critical guidelines. One of the hallmarks of a productive termination event is that it should never be a surprise to the employee. It should just be a normal formality in an orderly business progression."

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