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What I learned From Shaq about productivity and practice:

Although none of the people or places pictured above are associated with or endorse this program, I can tell you what I personally learned from Shaquille O'Neal. Have you heard the phrase, "Practice makes perfect?" It is absolutely false.

For over a decade before Shaq was drafted by the Orlando Magic, Shaq practiced free throws. He never got better at it because his practice was imperfect! Many people and coaches simply counted  on Shaq's natural abilities on the basketball court - and his overall athleticism and size always made him a tremendous competitor from the minute he stepped on any basketball court.

I was completely blessed to be a front-office/Director Level executive with the Orlando Magic during the '92-'93 draft lottery. Of course, the team drafted - with the number one pick that year - the greatest talent available: Shaquille O'Neal. (And one of the greatest talents available in a number of years - maybe in a generation!) When Shaq joined the Magic, his free throw mechanics were still terrible. He had been practicing for years and years imperfectly. The real truth is your results and improved productivity are tied to this concept:

Perfect practice makes perfect.

In my new course - "Productivity Power MAX" - I'll show you how to use this technique along with many others so you will get a whole lot done faster and quicker.

What I learned From Coach Riley about getting better and better!

During my time as a consultant for the Miami Heat, I was thrilled to have a private meeting with one of the greatest coaches in the game: Pat Riley. Getting that meeting wasn't as easy as you might think.

To be considered for a meeting, you first had to fax (this was a while back) your desired agenda for a meeting; including what you specifically wanted to talk about during the meeting. If Riley's assistant called to tell you you had been granted an appointment, then you would get to have that meeting with the coach at the Heat practice facility.

When I sat down in Coach Riley's office, I noticed his desk was on a raised platform so that I had to constantly look up to him. His office window had vertical shades and - that afternoon - the strong South Florida sunshine cast a couple of diagonal light bars on the coach. However, most of his face was shrouded in shadow. But, his deliberative voice was filled with authenticity, electricity, and authoritativeness. His confidence could only come from vast and deep success experience. The meeting was a trip!

Coach Riley has shared an earth-shattering concept with the initials of "CBE." This concept in action was the reason the Lakers were able to win back-to-back NBA titles. It was a a feat that had not been accomplished by any team in the previous 20 years.

The "CBE" segment is included in the bonus material for this course. So, let's talk a bit about how you can get more of the tasks or activities you most care about done faster and easier.

From Basketball To Bread And Butter

Although the bonus videos are like sweet butter on bread, the real meat of any "Get A Whole Lot More Done - Faster And Easier (TM)" Course is the bread and butter...the standards of the industry for getting much more done!

So most of this training is going to be the white bread of productivity (Wonder Bread?). The kinds of tips, techniques, and instruction you might find a lot of places; but not like this! This course is different.

This course - while incorporating a lot of the basics - has been totally modernized and updated for today's work landscape. Every high quality (HD) video has plenty of moving video images, text captions, and the smoothest voice you'll ever hear from one of our top-notch trainers.

Those features make this course easy and enjoyable to go through. These videos will keep your attention.

Have you ever tried to listen to a video with crappy audio? Ugh! Maybe I could say this course is more like french toast with a sweet, syrupy sound??? Anyway, it sounds good. Real good. Easy to listen to and watch.

Timeless Evergreen Productivity Strategies For Getting A Whole Lot More Done - Faster And Easier!

Right now I'm going to ask you to take advantage of this complete professional training course. You'll get 12 "Bread And Butter" professional videos, companion notes for each one, and two additional bonus videos. All for just $27.00.

As you can see above, you'll get a full 60-day money back guarantee with this course, so I'm willing to take 100% of the risk. Just go ahead and get your course now. You'll get it by immediate download. No waiting.

However, if part of your challenge with higher productivity is putting off things (like an easy decision to own this life-changing course at my risk, not yours), go ahead and procrastinate now by reading all the material right below this. or just...

And, you'll also get the two special bonus videos with this course - one describing Coach Riley's "CBE" program and one outlining an outstanding method of skyrocketing your productivity using a proven, engineering concept illustrated by Shaq's free throws.

The Shaq Free Throw Bonus Video

We've combined the aspects of Shaq's free throw mechanics with the science of physics to illustrate how to generate massive productivity gains.

The Coach Riley Bonus Video

This bonus completely illustrates Coach Riley's program and does it all in just a couple minutes of video.

Get your personal copy of this productivity program and start increasing your results right now.

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day?
  • Or maybe you’re struggling to get stuff done as you KNOW you’re procrastinating.
  • Do you struggle with being fully productive when you are working?
  • Do you often wonder why you are easily distracted and then end up wasting lots of valuable time?
  • Do you know when is the best time to complete certain tasks?
  • Do you struggle to focus on things that matter?
  • Or maybe you just get frustrated at your lack of productivity and this in turn makes you even less productive.

If any of these questions are true to your life, then I want to put you at ease. This happens to everyone at some stage, and many never get past this. However, your curiosity and drive has brought you to this page and this is a GOOD thing! You are on the correct path.

It means that whenever you understand the secret strategies to becoming highly productive, then you will become unstoppable. Want to know the Secrets to their success...?

Introducing - Productivity Power MAX

Timeless Evergreen Productivity Strategies For Getting Stuff Done!

When you learn and apply the Productivity Power MAX strategies, then build them into everything you do in daily life, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. If you work a 9-5 job, Self-employed or even if you’re an entrepreneur running a business. This will work for you, no matter your situation.

If you say YES to any of the following, then read on to discover the key to unlocking the HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE version of you that is locked inside.

  • [YES] Looking to Finally Beat Your Procrastination
  • [YES] Wanting to Eliminate Distractions Holding You Back
  • [YES] Looking To Get Stuff Done
  • [YES] Finally - Stop Procrastinating Once and For All
  • [YES] Achieve the Goals you Never Thought Were possible

When you Take Action on what is covered inside this powerful program, you’ll be able to reclaim your life and precious time that you can use doing the stuff you truly love. What’s inside Productivity Power MAX? Inside the chapters of Prolific Productivity: we reveal tactics so you will be able to -

  • Properly Identify and Become Crystal Clear on Your Goals
  • You’ll learn a Proven Productivity Method to get MORE done in LESS Time
  • Know with total clarity what is your MOST important task EVERY Day
  • Enable you to work more efficiently
  • Gain Hyper Focus by Eliminating any (and all) Distractions
  • Why Social Media Could Be Killing Your Productivity (and What to Do About it)
  • Discover WHY You Are NOT as Productive as you COULD Be
  • What You MUST AVOID This If You Want to Be Highly Productive …
  • Productivity Strategies We Learned from A Former US President
  • 2 Fantastic Methods You can use to STOP procrastination in its tracks
  • Develop an Ultra-Strong Work Ethic and Gain laser like focus

By applying the process and principles covered, you will end up working on Auto Pilot and everything will just click into place in relation to your most productive tasks.

We will also discuss task management and how you can get the most from effectively managing your tasks so that you are super-efficient with your time and ramp up your output with the exact same time you currently have.

Meaning you’ll get more done in 1 hour than you currently do in two hours.

We’ll also give you a system to effectively manage your email, this means you’ll never miss an email and reclaim valuable lost time each and every day. Won't that be a big relief? With our trusted techniques on avoiding distractions, you can maintain your focus and get a LOT MORE done without any stress.

You Can Live A More Productive Life!

…and because you’ll be able to extract more value from your working hours, you’ll have the free time you desire to spend with family or get working on other items that you have been wanting to get done.

If this sounds daunting, then fear not. By the end of this course, you’ll have all of the tools you need in order to become the MOST productive person you know!

It’ll be relatively easy and clear to understand on the inside of this report. All you have to do it take it one video at a time and apply the principles we reveal and before you know it, you will even surprise yourself with what you can get done.

You'll get the entire video course - along with companion notes and bonus material all for a one time investment of:

Don't forget - you'll also get this special Bonus presentation -

Your bonus material includes an exclusive video presentation on the Coach Pat Riley's "CBE" program...the program that catapulted the Lakers to 2 back-to-back NBA titles. You will not find this presentation anywhere else.

And you'll also get this special Bonus presentation -

You'll also get this original BONUS presentation that shows you how to significantly increase your productivity using this highly acclaimed method.

Notice: None of the persons, places or things mentioned on this page are associated with this program nor is it endorsed by any person depicted in this description.