Check Out The Lovely LeadsLeap Platform: What Would You Most Like To Get Out Of It?

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not an official part of Leadsleap. This page and "system" is presented as an educational and entertainment option to help you build a solid marketing program using Leadsleap.

It's Kind Of A Lot To Take In Because There's A Lot There.

As you can see in the graphic to the right, LeadsLeap offers quite a lot of really important and positive benefits to any marketer.

Don't let all the arrows and circles lead to confusion. There are a plenty of ways this powerful platform can assist you in your internet marketing or make money online business.

Given all there is in LeadsLeap, you might be surprised to know that, although it will be a great help to your business, I recommend you think of it as a secondary, support position. Because of all the elements included in the platform, it can support all your other businesses.

We'll help you get the most out of this marketing juggernaut. We'll take it a step at a time in the order in which it will benefit you most.

  LeadsLeap Can Support All Your Other Businesses

Although My Name Is On This System, I'm Not The Only One Who Will Be Helping You.

This effort to help you maximize what you will be able to pull out of this platform will also involve a colleague of mine (and now yours), Brittany Johnson AKA Dani  Kash of the KASH EMPIRE, among others. The admin of the site, Kenneth Koh, will also be a great resource.

This "system" is really just a method of education (and entertainment) to help mentor you in this program. So let's take a look at some of the most important elements.

I'm Advocating For You To Upgrade To A Pro Membership Right Away, But You Don't Have To (You Can Start Free!)

I'll show you some of the big picture benefits you'll receive immediately as a PRO Member ($27/mo.).  As a pro member, you can submit up to 10 different ads to rotate to all members. All you have to do is construct your ad in the a standard PPC (Pay-Per-Click) style and the LeadsLeap Platform will the rest. Since all members are marketers and everyone has an incentive to click and watch ads, even a lousy offer like the one I put up in my first month as a PRO member got some great action!  The visitors shown below are all generated by internal LeadsLeap members.

So, if all I received as a PRO member is this traffic, those visitors to my site were generated at a cost of 1.4 cents each. But, there's more.

In Addition, Your Pro Ads Are Shown In Many Other Places

They are shown in

  • The Leadsleap blog,
  • Members Area,
  • Emails to our members,
  • PPC Ad Widget in more than 4,000 other websites, and
  • Ad widget in the Link Tracker.

Basically Pro Ads are given as much exposure as possible.

Free members can send broadcast messages to their lists, but PRO members get a full autoresponder system.

Here's Some Really Good News About This Professional Site

The technical "stuff" has already been all worked out. A fantastic admin/owner (and all his talented helpers) have worked out all the kinks in this membership-type site. And you can promote this site and earn recurring income!

In addition to adding new features to his site on a regular, ongoing basis, he's willing to split any membership revenues you generate with you evenly. So he handles all the work and costs associated with the ongoing inner workings of the site, maintenance, and operating costs, and splits the monthly memberships revenue with you 50%-50%. No exceptions.

It all comes together pretty quickly when the site is all done for you.

Of all membership revenue you generate goes directly to you.

LeadsLeap is a fantastic site in my view and is a terrific source of exposure, some cash, and a good foundation to support any of your online businesses. It is not a "get rich quick" site or even a "make a bunch of money" site. As a PRO member, you can earn 50% of every monthly PRO member revenue you generate.

Here's how I look at this: If you or I can bring in 30 PRO members in a year, then we will earn a recurring income of $13.50 per month per member. Remember, this is just an example, not a promise - results will surely vary. But - at this rate at the one-year mark - that would generate $405.00 of recurring revenue per month. Not bad for a site that is used to support our other business!

As A Member Of This Powerful Website, You Also Get Plenty Of Additional Benefits (PRO or Free)

More Money: You'll be able to take advantage of this site's revenue share program - bringing additional cash into your pocket.

More CASH: You accumulate credits just by surfing the ads on the site, you'll be able to turn those credits in for more cash.

List Building Feature: Now a list-builder program is included with any level of membership. 

Email Broadcaster: Pick the list which you want to communicate and blast out a message to it anytime you choose.

Free Pop-Up Ad Builder: Start with a Pop-Up template and ad or subtract whatever elements you want.

Complete Link Tracking System: Never again wonder where you're traffic comes from - this full-fledged link tracker will sh ow you. 

Free Landing Page Builder: Choose from a number of templates and then customize away to your heart's content.

Message Broadcast To Your Lists: You can easily send broadcast messages to your various lists (limited to 10 a month)

PPC Earnings: Built into the site is a way for you to pick up some pay-per-click earnings. You can go small or large here.

Regular Users Of The Site Love It:

"I love this program. I ignored Leadsleap for years because I thought it was just another traffic exchange, but it's not. Its traffic converts in 3 days of joining. I got 9 opt-ins and 5 sign ups to the programs that I am advertising in LeadsLeap.

I like that the traffic is real, people are really looking at your website and actually so am I as I joined a couple of programs from LeadsLeap already after just signing up a few days ago.
I love these social reviews as they are real people that are in the programs and using them.

- Carol Rivit, 7-15-2020

"I've been using this website for a couple of years now, and I do appreciate the way the ad viewer works. When I first started on the site, I had no idea what I was looking at and with very little time just started watching the ads.

I appreciate the way LeadsLeap allows an ordinary user to click links and earn income. Even at the free level, I received a check, though small, I realized this works. With little time or effort into it, joined free, watched the ads, and got a small check. Nice.

RitaAnn~, 12-30-2019

And the site has a private, proprietary system which you can use to communicate directly with all your followers - up to 10 levels deep. It's not a down-line builder of any kind - just a way to shoot a short text message to your followers...another level of exposure.

Don't Hesitate, Check Out This Membership-Type Website To Build Your Modest Recurring Income And Support Your Other Businesses.

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