Now, Get Recurring Income With a Membership-Type Program Without Creating Anything or Doing Any Heavy Lifting!

I know Just The Guys And Website That Will Help You Get It Done.

I'll Help You And You Won't Have To Pay Me a Cent. Just Check It Out.

(Actually, if you're an internet, code-humping superstar, you might want to bail out of this page now.)

The Bad News About Home-Grown Membership Sites

You probably already figured this part out. There's two main drawbacks to building your own membership site and I bet you already know what they are: All the technical challenges to actually building the site and the constant, unyielding demand for fresh content.

Makes it hard for a new marketer (or even an intermediate one) to actually get a site running and generating income fast.  And we want income fast, don't we?

Here's Some Really Good News About A Professional Site

The technical "stuff" has already been all worked out. A fantastic admin/owner (and all his talented helpers) have worked out all the kinks in this membership-type site. 

In addition to adding new features to his site on a regular, ongoing basis, he's willing to split any membership revenues you generate with you evenly. So he handles all the work and costs associated with the ongoing inner workings of the site, maintenance, and operating costs, and splits the monthly memberships revenue with you 50%-50%. No exceptions.

It all comes together pretty quickly when the site is all done for you.

Let's Look At The Big-Time Traffic Benefit

As mentioned above, you can get started with this membership-type website for free. If you decide to upgrade, "PRO" members average about 1,700 to 1,800 visitors to their websites per month.

These are visitors who are involved in and interested in internet marketing or make money online. Your ad on the site is usually shown in a 3-pack with two ads from competitors, so the visitor actively chooses to click on your ad and review your site.

Based on the "PRO" membership, you'll be generating these highly qualified and interested visitors for about 1.5 to 1.6 cents each (on average).

As A Member Of This Powerful Website, You Also Get Plenty Of Additional Benefits.

More Money: You'll be able to take advantage of this site's revenue share program - bringing additional cash into your pocket.

More CASH: You accumulate credits just by surfing the ads on the site, you'll be able to turn those credits in for more cash.

List Building Feature: Now a list-builder program is included with any level of membership. 

Email Broadcaster: Pick the list which you want to communicate and blast out a message to it anytime you choose.

Free Landing Page Builder: Choose from a number of templates and then customize away to your heart's content.

Free Pop-Up Ad Builder: Start with a Pop-Up template and ad or subtract whatever elements you want.

Complete Link Tracking System: Never again wonder where you're traffic comes from - this full-fledged link tracker will sh ow you. 

Free Landing Page Builder: Choose from a number of templates and then customize away to your heart's content.

Autoresponder: You can easily set up a series of emails to automatically go to your subscribers..

PPC Earnings: Built into the site is a way for you to pick up some pay-per-click earnings. You can go small or large here.

Of all membership revenue you generate goes directly to you.

Regular Users Of The Site Love It:

"I love this program. I ignored Leadsleap for years because I thought it was just another traffic exchange, but it's not. Its traffic converts in 3 days of joining. I got 9 opt-ins and 5 sign ups to the programs that I am advertising in LeadsLeap.

I like that the traffic is real, people are really looking at your website and actually so am I as I joined a couple of programs from LeadsLeap already after just signing up a few days ago.
I love these social reviews as they are real people that are in the programs and using them.

- Carol Rivit, 7-15-2020

"I've been using this website for a couple of years now, and I do appreciate the way the ad viewer works. When I first started on the site, I had no idea what I was looking at and with very little time just started watching the ads.

I appreciate the way LeadsLeap allows an ordinary user to click links and earn income. Even at the free level, I received a check, though small, I realized this works. With little time or effort into it, joined free, watched the ads, and got a small check. Nice.

RitaAnn~, 12-30-2019

And the site has a private, proprietary system which you can use to communicate directly with all your followers.

Don't Hesitate, Check Out This Membership-Type Website To Build Your Recurring Income.

PS. My colleague (Dani) and I will provide you with training and mentoring with no cost to you.

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