A Few Basic Reminders About PLR Content

It’s prevalent to find PLR buyers who are confused by the different types of PLR rights. 

If you stopped to think about it, you’d realize that PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ … Yet, why is everyone saying ‘PLR Rights’? 

That’s like saying Private Label Rights Rights. 

One of the many inconsistencies in this industry, but the term has become the norm. So, we’ll play along with this madness. The truth of the matter is that even with PLR rights, different PLR vendors have different interpretations of the same terms. The rule of thumb is this - always pay close attention to the license terms that come with any PLR product. 

Some PLR sellers may have rules and stipulations that are unique to them. If in doubt, ALWAYS contact the vendor.

Now let’s look at the general understanding of the most common types of PLR rights…

* Private Label Rights

These rights give you a lot of flexibility for personalizing/rebranding your content. Usually, you’ll receive the editable source files so that you can truly make the material your own and create your derivative products.

The most crucial point to note here is the EDITABLE SOURCE FILES! The source files determine most variations of the rights. So, what are the source files?

If you’re getting written PLR content, whether they’re articles, reports, or e-books, the editable source files will most probably be DOC, TXT, and sometimes. RTF.  What that means is you can edit the document when you have the source files. You can rewrite them or add your name, images, cover image, and so on.

You can personalize and rebrand the content to your heart’s content and make it look different from the original PLR product you purchased. The ability to customize and rebrand PLR content is the strongest point of getting PLR from the original vendor. You get all the source files to get maximum mileage from the PLR.

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